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MySQL Database Administrator

Jobs For Freshers

25000 Monthly


Technology - Customer Service & Operations

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24/02/2020 01/04/2020
Work Start Duration
On 24/02 NA

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Organisation Size

Start Up

HQ Location

Delhi/NCR, India

  • Organisation Profile

    Launched in June 2018, today nurtr is one of the fastest-growing Online Skilling Academies in the world. We launched our first course
    (Chess) in June 2018 and today have thousands of paying customers from 50 countries across all continents.
    The company (Thought Roots India Private Limited) commenced operations in April 2016 by holding in-person and virtual sessions
    with mentors in schools across India. We interacted with ~40,000 students across 25 cities (Tier 1, 2, 3) which gave us granular insights
    into their career aspirations, needs and wants. Westartedourbackground work on Chess in late 2017 and formally launched the course
    in June 2018. Today we have most of the world’s best chess coaches teaching on our platform.
    While Chess is our first vertical, we are not a Chess company. Our vision is to be the most comprehensive, data-driven career skilling
    and mentoring companies in the world.


    We solve the problem of access – access to credible, best in class, deep course content and world-class mentors and trainers in “extra-
    curriculars” (chess, music, cricket, etc.).

    Nurtr differs from other leading portals, who also profess “Learn from the best”, in some key ways:
    1. Select ion of Master Mentors – we select our master mentors for their professional achievements & standing in the
    field as well as a demonstrable ability to teach (e.g. world’s best chess coach, world cup winning cricket coach, Grammy
    winner with a successful history of teaching students through own academy).
    2. Learning Path (Syllabus) – For each vertical, we work in partnership with our master mentors to create an in-depth
    syllabus and a learning path which is a unique pedagogical approach for online platforms teaching chess, music, cricket
    3. Depth of Content – with ~50 hours of cinematized recorded course content designed in partnership with our master
    mentor, our typical course has significantly greater depth when compared to other sites where the average course
    duration varies between 2-5 hours.
    4. Live Interactivity – as far as we know, we are the only online learning platform which provides live sessions (1-2-1, 1-
    2-many) as well as recorded course lessons from the masters. This hybrid teaching approach is a significant innovation
    and has been a key driver of our user adoption.

    For more information pls visit I

    nurtr's core team has more than five decades of experience in education, technology, and entrepreneurship with successful tra ck
    record of building and scaling internet consumer brands. The team comes from leading educational institutions (IITs, IIMs,
    XLRI, INSEAD etc.) and is helped by an active set of advisors and investors - people who have built, invested in and run billion-dollar
    ventures in technology, consumer goods & services, and finance.

Position Profile

Position Type

Jobs For Freshers

Functional Area


Position Duration


Workplace Type

Work from Office

Time Commitment

Full Time

Location of Work

Delhi/NCR (2)

  • Job Role

    Role & Expectations:
    • Must have database knowledge, especially in MySQL, MongoDB
    • Working closely with the Tech & sales team and should be able to solve the queries
    • A passion for problem-solving
    • Willingness to work in flexible time/days as per business needs

    Required Qualification:
    • B. Tech or Any degree relevant to Technical
    • Proficient with relational databases (SQL Queries)

Position Rewards

  • Position Financial Rewards

    Paid- Fixed 25000 Monthly

  • Candidate will be entitled to

    Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

    Performance Awards

    5 days Work Week


Required Candidate Profile

  • Education Level

    Post PG / Doctoral Level (Degree Course(s), Diploma Course(s), Professional Qualification / Certification), Under Graduate/Post School (Degree Course(s))

  • Preferred Passout Year(s)

    2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

  • Skill Requirement
  • Gender


  • Diversity Preference

    Encourage applications from Foreign Candidates

    Encourage applications from Candidates with prior Experience

Important Information

Work Start Date

On 24/02

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  • Number of Positions

    Delhi/NCR : 2

  • Selection Process

    - Aptitude Test 

    - Technical Round 

    - HR Round 

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    Q 1 Are you available to join the Jobs For Freshers Position on the specified date. If not please advise your availability ?

    Q 2 Why do you want to apply for this Position?

    Q 3 Which qualities make you an ideal candidate?

    Q 4 Please tell us about your availability for the duration of the assignment?

  • Objective Questions

    Q 1Are you currently located in Gurgaon ?

    Q 2Are you available to full time opportunities ?

    Q 3Can you join our company before the start date mentioned ?