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Job Description


Fashion Consultant  

Shantanu And Nikhil

Jobs For Freshers

Paid-Fixed-Range- 25000 - 30000 Monthly


Sales - Non-Field Sales

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13/03/2020 12/04/2020
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Immediate NA
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Organisation Profile



Organisation Size

Large Corporate

  • Organisation Profile

    Shantanu And Nikhil

    We are a design house who has changed the rules of Fashion in the high end, bespoke, luxury wear market. Since inception in 2000  we have become a multi city brand, who can boast of being designers to many famous personalities in India and abroad. If one were to take names of the most successful and renowned designers in India, we would be on top.

    As a brand, we, Shantanu & Nikhil, have always reiterated our vison of belonging to something that is bigger than ourselves and its underlying spirit that symbolizes progressivism and distinctiveness. We don’t wish to preach or dictate, we believe that the clothes create the dialogue. It is a brand for strong men & women who represent a mentality of fighting for what they believe in, a sentiment which is relevant to both India and the world. We believe in nostalgically re-inventing Indian history through the art of the cloth by constantly breaking the myriad stereotypical notions of tradition & fashion and instead breeding a new minimalistic culture of refined and progressive design depicting gender equality and cross-cultural expression. What emerges is the powerful, the strong, the fearless & the determined woman ready to fight the fight. Our silhouettes and colors do not represent the India of yore, or the India of the Raj but a take from the decadent past, to write the future. Dramatic and heroic re-appropriation of male presence through female form always takes center stage in our design philosophy. Feminine/masculine, hard/soft, defend/protect is the brand direction for Shantanu & Nikhil.


Position Profile

Position Type

Jobs For Freshers

Functional Area


Position Duration


Workplace Type

Work from Office

Time Commitment

Full Time

Work Hours

8 Hours per Day(s)

Location of Work

Delhi (4)

  • Job Role

    • Greets customers maintain eye contact  and smiling. Is friendly & always available.
    • Advises customers following CCA guidelines.
    • Identifies customer needs advising them and providing them an impeccable shopping experience.
    • Follows up on customer shopping experience and ensure sale is closed smoothly
    • Knows how to manage alterations in order to offer better customer service.
    • Thorough product knowledge to ensure customer is either satisfied or satisfied always.
    • Meets the daily sales and tickets target.
    • Is capable of offering comprehensive advice and is able to manage more than one customer at a time.
    • Thorough knowledge of the competition in the market in terms of materials, prices & patterns.
    • Knows how to manage Fitting Rooms and smooth operations of the same at all times.
    • Provide thorough feedback of customers to managers.



Position Rewards

  • Position Financial Rewards

    Paid-Fixed-Range 25000 - 30000 Monthly

    Includes Incentive

Required Candidate Profile

  • Education Level

    Post Graduate Level (Degree Course(s)), Under Graduate/Post School (Degree Course(s))

  • Preferred Passout Year(s)

    2019, 2020

  • Subjects/Specializations

    Fashion Technology

  • Skill Requirement
  • Gender


Important Information

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Assessment Questions

  • Subjective Questions

    Q 1 Are you available to join the Jobs For Freshers Position on the specified date. If not please advise your availability ?

  • Objective Questions

    Q 1Do you have training and/or education in fashion ?